What are we doing?

A fundraising project dedicated to the construction of a college seminary for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.

In some dioceses vocations are scarce and seminaries are closing. The situation in North Carolina is different. In our first two years we have sixteen college-aged men who responded to the Church’s need for strong and faithful priests. We now want to give them a solid start locally, with their first four years of formation on a dynamic college campus served by Benedictine monks. Your generous gift will help us train seminarians in the heart of one of the fastest growing Catholic areas in the United States. We aim to provide an orthodox academic, social, and spiritual foundation for our future priests, to form men well-equipped for their mission.

The Need

1 Jul

More Priests Needed for Catholic Population Boom

The Catholic Church in the Carolinas is vibrant and growing. There ... more

The Progress

  • Phase 1 Goal - 20 million

St. John Paul II said, “The future is in your hearts and in your hands.” We invite you to be a part of building our future seminary! View our architecture plans and learn more about this exciting new endeavor for the Diocese of Charlotte.…more

The New South is Catholic. The time to act is now. Donate today.

Sixteen men in formation

In the second year since our founding, we have sixteen young men in formation for the 2017-18 academic year. Our men reside temporarily at St. Ann Catholic Church in Charlotte while commuting to Belmont Abbey College. We greatly need your support to build a larger, permanent structure near campus for our exploding number of young men discerning Holy Orders. Help us move our seminarians into their new home! Read more.

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The Inspiration

"The work and prayers here shall spread God’s blessing over this beautiful country in years to come, when perhaps few of you who are listening to me now shall be among the living." ― ABBOT LEO HAID - BELMONT ABBEY FOUNDER, 1886
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Recieve Updates about Our Seminarians

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