The Priesthood is a Calling

Christ asks some men to sacrifice their lives and follow Him as His more intimate companions. It is a call reflecting God’s ultimate plan for their life and, because of this, it is a call that will bring them fulfillment. Thus, the priesthood is not simply one occupation among many. It is a way of life through which God invites a man to enter more deeply in relationship with Him.

Forming Priests For a Growing Diocese

The Catholic faith in North Carolina is growing, and the need for priests to serve our growing flock is great. On March 19, 2016, Bishop Peter J. Jugis founded St. Joseph College Seminary to form priests in the diocese of Charlotte, among the people and parishes they will one day serve. Learn about the special calling of the priesthood and the Bishop's dream to have a priest in every parish.

Why Create A College Seminary
In the Diocese of Charlotte?

The Catholic population has grown tremendously since our Diocese was formed 40 years ago. Providentially, the number of men being called to the priesthood has also increased. Until now, college-aged men discerning a vocation were sent to seminaries more than 400 miles away. On March 19, 2016, Bishop Peter J. Jugis founded St. Joseph College Seminary to help form priests here in the Diocese of Charlotte, where they will one day serve.


What is a College Seminary?
Is it Different from College?

College Seminary is a place where men are free to listen to and discern who God is calling them to be. Seminarians attend classes and earn a bachelor’s degree with students on a traditional college campus and live in a community of prayer, formation, and social connection. They receive formation to help them mature in their relationship with Christ and prepare them for entrance into the Theologate, or major seminary, if that is God’s plan for them.

Where Do Our Seminarians
Come From?

Our current seminarians come from parishes located in each region of our Diocese, from Tryon to Asheboro and Boone to Charlotte. Their diverse educational backgrounds include home schooling, Catholic schools, and public school environments. They are all from our Diocese and, God willing they are ordained, will return to our Diocese to serve in our parishes. You can click on the box below to view the home parishes of St. Joseph College Seminarians.
"The Priest offers his humanity to Christ, so that Christ may use him as an instrument of salvation, making him as it were into another Christ."
Pope St. John Paul II

Collegiate Pursuits Begin at Belmont Abbey College

St. Joseph College Seminary is affiliated with Belmont Abbey College, where our seminarians major in Philosophy in preparation for theological studies at the graduate level. Their academic and personal growth is further enhanced through interaction on campus with Catholic and non-Catholic students from across the country and engagement in the parishes of the Dioceses.

Are You Being Called To the Priesthood?

God calls each of us to follow Him in different ways. You may be looking for a clear sign that priesthood is definitely what He has in mind for you, but God typically works in more subtle ways. College seminary provides the environment, people, and tools necessary to clarify and deepen your discernment of God's Will, and time to decide if the priesthood is your true vocation.

Strong Priests, Vibrant Parishes Yield Vocations

SJCS is a fraternity of young men committed to growing in who they are and who God is calling them to be. This growth is supported by the rector, our formation priests, the seminarians’ families, and countless priests and parishioners. Most weekends, our seminarians can be found serving in parishes throughout the Diocese, getting to know the flock they will one day serve.