Meet the faculty of St. Joseph College Seminary.

Fr. Matthew Kauth

Fr. Matthew Kauth is a priest for the Diocese of Charlotte North Carolina, ...

Fr. Matthew Buettner

Spiritual Director
A native of Peoria, Illinois, Fr. Matthew Buettner received a Bachelor of ...

Fr. Jason Barone

​House Father, Vocations Promoter
Father Barone, a native of Asheville, NC, graduated from the University of ...

Fr. John Putnam

Formation Faculty
Father John Putnam was ordained in 1992 for the Diocese of Charlotte. He ...

Fr. Patrick Winslow

Formation Faculty
Father Patrick J. Winslow is a priest and canon lawyer for the Diocese of ...

Fr. Timothy Reid

Formation Faculty
Fr. Timothy Reid, a convert to the Catholic Faith, earned his B.S. in Marketing ...

Fr. Jason Christian

​Academic Dean
Fr. Jason Christian is a priest for the Diocese of Charlotte, ordained in 2013. ...

Sr. Mary Raphael

​House Administrator
Sr. Mary Raphael is the foundress of the Daughters of the Virgin Mother in the ...

Tom Savoy

​Magister Capellae
Thomas F. Savoy is founder/artistic director of the Carolina Catholic Choral...

Scholastic Council

Meet the scholastic council of St. Joseph College Seminary.

Dr. Matthew Siebert

Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Siebert taught Philosophy at the University of Toronto and had a postdo...

​Dr. Nancy Llewellyn

​Professor of Latin & Scholastics
Dr. Nancy Llewellyn is widely regarded as one of the most innovative Latin ...

Dr. Travis Cook​​

​Professor of Humanities
Dr. Travis Cook​​ is an Assistant Professor of Government and Political ...
More About St. Joseph College Seminary

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of St. Joseph College Seminary, the principles by which decisions are made and executed, is simple. The theological virtues are the perfection of man. They grow in the seedbed of grace. Yet grace builds on and perfects nature. Thus, while we beseech Him for grace, we also act as dispositive causes in the cultivation of the nature. The only manner by which we win the intellectual and moral virtues necessary for the Sacred Priesthood is by discipline, education, and sacrifice in the context of Christian friendship.  St. Joseph Seminary places a high priority on intellectual formation, encouraging seminarians to study and learn diligently so that they may perform academically in a manner that reflects their highest intellectual capacities.

On the Training of Future Priests - Pope Benedict XVI
"It is right for seminarians to remember that if the Church demands much of them it is because they are to care for those whom Christ ransomed at such a high price. Many qualities are required of future priests: human maturity, spiritual qualities, apostolic zeal, intellectual rigor. To achieve these virtues, candidates to the priesthood must not only be able to witness to them to their formation 
teachers but even more, they must be the first to benefit from these same qualities lived and shared by those who are in charge of helping them to attain maturity."